CCA, MTN Join Forces To Educate, Empower Musicians in Uganda

According to Munyaradzi Chanetsa, Head of Operations at CCA, the conference aimed at empowering participants on the latest trends in the digital space that can be used to advance careers and commercial success of musicians and artists alike.

“The advancement of technology has positively impacted the global music industry. Musicians are now able to produce their music faster, cheaper and at better quality. At the Artists Collaboration Conference, we have seen Ugandan musicians eager to turn their talent into long term commercial success using digital channels,” said Munyaradzi Chanetsa.

The core of CCA’s offering is digital distribution of audio and visual content and through a seamless and specialized technical process, music and videos are submitted, digitized and ingested to platforms that deliver content products to millions of consumers across the World.

Jason Kpana, Senior Vice President Artist and Label Relations, explained how TIDAL came back to Uganda hot on the heels of their recent partnership launch with MTN.

“Our arrival in Uganda was met with so much excitement from consumers and artists alike. TIDAL will continue connecting with local musicians, producers, engineers and other players in the music industry to share all the tools necessary to take advantage of all we have to offer!”


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